Herod Sayle

Vital Statistics

  • Age: UNKNOWN
  • Nationality: LEBANESE


Born in Beirut, Herod Sayle's father was a failed hairdresser and his mother took in washing. With nine brothers and four sisters, the young Herod did not go to school. When he was seven Herod saved two American tourists from being crushed by a falling piano, and as a reward, they sent him to a school in Britain. He achieved nine 'O' levels and sat next to the boy who went on to become the Prime Minister. After school, Sayle went to Cambridge and got a First Class Economics degree.


Herod Sayle is short. He dresses immaculately - wearing expensive black suits and brightly polished black shoes.

Current Status

Herod Sayle is a wealthy man, and owns a computer company as well as a string of racehorses. He has invented a revolutionary computer called Stormbreaker, and he plans to donate one model to every secondary school in the country. See the Stormbreaker mission file for a complete record.

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