General Sarov

Vital Statistics

  • Age: MID 60S
  • Nationality: RUSSIAN


Sarov was a commander in the Russian army and was known as a hero of the old Russia. He became a general when he was in his late thirties and was placed in Afghanistan for ten years, rising to be second in command of the Red Army. Sarov used to be married, and has a son called Vladimir. A first-class athlete, Vladimir also joined the army when he was just sixteen, but he was killed in Afghanistan.


Not a big man, but radiates power and control. Close-cut iron-grey hair with pale blue eyes, and an emotionless face. Dresses in suits.

Current Status

General Sarov lives on the Cuban island of Skeleton Key, where he has modernized an old sugar plantation - fortifying the building to make it look like a military command post. See Skeleton Key file for a complete record.