Vital Statistics

  • Age: LATE 30S
  • Nationality: RUSSIAN


Yassen grew up in a small village on the outskirts of Russia. No files can be found on this place, but intelligence suggests that the government hushed-up a serious disaster that may have wiped out a populous close to this region. Therefore, and quite remarkably, Yassen survived and it is believed that he went on to work for various mafia organizations before falling into the hands of SCORPIA. He is known to have assassinated Ian Rider, one of our best operatives. Curiously, it is also known that he may have met John Rider - the older brother of Ian - during Yassen's suspected training with SCORPIA.


Tall, with a slight but athletic build. Close cropped fair hair. Wears expensive clothing and is very hard to trace.

Current Status

Yassen has been linked to case files including Stormbreaker and Eagle Strike. It is possibly in the case file Russian Roulette that we have learnt the most about the truth of Yassen's past.