Nikolei Drevin

Vital Statistics

  • Age: MID 40S
  • Nationality: RUSSIAN
  • Occupation: OWNER OF STRATFORD


Not much is known about Drevin's younger life, but we can trace his movements back to when he became an analyst for the KGB. Shrewd and opportunistic, Drevin made his millions in oil shares as well as selling off his rapidly expanding smaller businesses. He has now invested in a football team called Stratford East and runs his operations from his mansion in Oxfordshire. In his typically flamboyant style, Drevin had his mansion transported from Scotland, and rebuilt stone by stone with twenty-first century additions. Drevin famously owns a private island in the Caribbean which has now become the headquarters for his awe-inspiring project, Ark Angel. This project proposes to build a hotel in space that caters for the super-rich. Drevin has a son called Paul, who has recently been cited as a possible kidnapping target because of his father's great fortune.


A serious-looking man in his forties, with watery, grey eyes and fair hair now fading to grey.

Current Status

Drevin is currently focusing on the Ark Angel project, an operation that is making headlines worldwide. See Ark Angel for full case report.