Major Winston Yu

Vital Statistics

  • Age: EARLY 60S
  • Nationality: CHINESE


It is believed that one of MI6's greatest failures is that it did not recognize the potential of Winston Yu. Winston grew up in a slum in Hong Kong, while his mother worked for an English hotel. She saw Britain as the land of opportunity, and enlisted her assassin services to a local Snakehead boss in order to gather enough money to send Winston to a public school in England. Winston soon graduated to military intelligence, but when he was diagnosed with brittle bone disease he was sent to do a desk job in another department. It was at this point that Winston went into business for himself, returning to Hong Kong to become a commander of a criminal empire.


Winston has a full head of hair, but it has gone completely white and is cut in a schoolboy style with a straight fringe above the eyes. He wears circular glasses and he has thin lips and hands that would be small on a young boy. Everything about him is somehow delicate. He uses a walking stick with a silver scorpion entwined around the handle.

Current Status

Winston is currently involved in criminal activity in Hong Kong, although we have yet to be able to break into the network and gather evidence. See Snakehead for full report.