Julia Rothman

Vital Statistics

  • Age: LATE 40S
  • Nationality: WELSH
  • Occupation: HEAD OF SCORPIA


Julia's parents were Welsh nationalists who were imprisoned when she was only six years old. Julia grew up in institutions - and it was during this time that she started her criminal career. In her later life, she married a multimillionaire, but he fell to his death from a seventeen-storey building two days after the wedding, leaving Julia as the sole heir to his vast fortune. Julia is now known by MI6 as one of twelve original founding members of SCORPIA, but she has proved to be untraceable since her known association with the terrorist group.


Black hair, upturned nose, long black hair in waves to shoulders. Brilliant dark eyes, blood-red lips and perfect teeth.

Current Status

MI6 are monitoring Rothman's movements. See Scorpia for full case report.