Damian Cray

Vital Statistics

  • Age: EARLY 50S
  • Nationality: BRITISH


At eleven Cray attended the Royal Academy of Music in London due to his good singing voice. When he was thirteen, his parents were killed after a car fell on top of them from the top floor of one of their car parks. In the seventies, Cray formed a band called Slam! At the end of the seventies the band split and Cray began a highly successful solo career - his first solo album went platinum and he was seldom out of the charts. He was knighted by the Queen in 1990 and donated a million pounds to the government before the last election. He owns a television station; hotels and a computer company, Cray Software Technology (CST).


Very short, jet-black hair (dyed). A round face with green eyes and a small nose positioned almost unnaturally in the centre of his face. Thick lips with perfect white teeth and blue-tinted specs. Appearance of past plastic surgery.

Current Status

Cray is about to launch a new game system called Gameslayer. The First game, Feathered Serpent, is based on Aztec civilization. See Eagle Strike for full report.