Canondale Bike

BIKE OVERVIEW: This customized bicycle is designed to provide a fast, safe and reliable means of transport for agents in urban areas. The aluminium frame has been engineered to be light, strong and shockabsorbent; it will stand up to an impressive amount of punishment and is rigid enough to prevent much energy from being wasted through side-toside movement. State-of-the-art suspension and gearing make for great comfort, speed and versatility. The tyres, manufactured using a new polyurethane elastomer technology, cannot be punctured or lose pressure. The insides contain a honeycomb of pressurized cells which are so small that if one or more deflate it makes little difference to the performance of the bicycle. They absorb shock and resist weathering more effectively than standard rubber tyres. A variety of devices has been built into the bicycle to deter pursuit – a smokescreen, oil dispenser and two heat-seeking missiles – and the seat post acts as an emergency ejection system. There are also accessories for the rider, such as a bulletproof cycle jersey and magnetic bike clips, and an intensely bright magnesium headlamp.

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