The Diamond Brothers

Meet The Diamond Brothers, the world's most defective detectives!

The Falcon   Public Enemy Number Two   South by South East   The French Confection   The Blurred Man   

Life as the younger brother of the world's most defective detective can be tough, and unfortunately for Nick Diamond, the cases keep coming in. The adventures of hilariously incompetent private investigator Tim Diamond and his brother have all the excitement of an Alex Rider book, with hilarious jokes, too!

"A great detective book with hilarious moments" Guardian

"Horowitz is the perfect writer. His dialogue crackles with hardboiled wit." Frank Cottrell Boyce

The Falcon's Malteser

When Johnny Naples entrusts Tim Diamond with a valuable package, he's making a big mistake. For Tim is probably the worst detective in the entire world. Next day, Johnny's dead. Tim gets the blame, his wise-cracking younger brother Nick gets the package  and every crook in town is out to get them!

Public Enemy Number Two

Framed for a jewel robbery, Nick Diamond finds himself sharing a prison cell with Johnny Powers, Public Enemy Number One. His only chance of escape is his older brother Tim, the world's worst private detective. But with Ma Powers and her gang waiting to greet the jailbirds, the heat is really on!

South by South East

Tim Diamond, the world's worst private detective, is broke. So, when a mysterious stranger offers Tim a wad of money for his overcoat, it seems like a stroke of luck. But there are worse things in life than being broke. Being pumped full of lead, for one...

The French Confection and The Greek Who Stole Christmas

Life as the younger brother of the worl'd most defective detective can be tough, and these two adventures will test Nick to the full. What connects them? Murder! And if the Diamond Brothers don't play their cards right, they could be next...

The Blurred Man and I Know What You Did Last Wednesday

Unfortunately for Nick Diamond, the cases keep coming in. First, a charity worker run over by a steamroller; then a mysterious invitation written in ink the colour of blood... Nick's got a bad feeling, and it's not indigestion. Could it be the Diamond Brothers' days are numbered?